Your WebGirlPower project starts with Lorie discussing your vision and capturing it through font, colors, images and layout. Once the mockups are signed off, Andrea will create your website. Lorie and Andrea will review the website as it is being created and adjustments are made if necessary.


INITIAL STAGE; Once the design brief has been discussed and decided, three web page mockups based on this information will be provided. Usually there are two quite different mockups and the third is a variation on the other two mockups. That’s because inspiration can be a little like a lightning bolt and the first ideas tend to be the most inspired (with tweaking allowed of course!).

THE MOCKUPS; demonstrate an overarching branding template, that includes informed color and font usage that work best for the subject, suggested imagery (either provided by the client or a combination of client and designer picks) and if needed, a logo design tied into the new branding.

Once you, as the client, has had a chance to go over the mockups and pick out your favourite (this can be a mix and match of the three mockups as well) and any tweaks or changes made, then the rest of the pages will be designed following this chosen ‘look’.

No worries if you have questions! You’ll have questions, we’ll have questions and there will always be an open dialogue during the process to be sure you know where the project is at and that your questions are being answered 🙂

A NOTE ON BLOG POST GRAPHICS; There are usually two or three custom blog post title images provided to get the client started. The client can either continue on having the designer provide blog post title images, or if this isn’t necessary or is inconvenient, then a template and suggested look can be provided to the client, for them to carry on with on their own.




Facebook and Twitter banners are automatically included in the package as part of the new branding.

LinkedIn and YouTube banners can be added to the package.


It’s a weird and wonderful world of shapes and sizes for social media graphics out there, so here are some suggestions available, to hopefully make this a littler easier!

SET OF THREE; package includes images for three platforms of your choice. Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook (for example) and as always a branded template can be created for the client to take and use on their own if they would prefer.

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS; WHY IT CAN BE COOL TO BE SQUARE 🙂 A set of ’square’ promotional social media images, built and branded to match the client’s look can be created either as needed or a template can be created that the client can use themselves whenever they want to do up social media squares. The template versions are of course simpler designs than the custom ones provided by the designer would be.

Because they are ’square’ they are good to use on various platforms as the sizing won’t be distorted.

If you have questions about the way to go for you regarding social media promo graphics would be, we can discuss that as we go along on the website design. That’s often the easiest way to drill down into what will work best for you!


  • Client will provide hosting account.
  • NOTE: Hosting is not a place to cut corners. SiteGround is a great host as well as If you have questions about hosting, we can discuss the options.
  • Your host will also provide an SSL certificate for your website.
  • Your hosting does not need to be at the same company where you purchased your URL.
  • Client will provide all required login details to progress with the project.
  • This will include but not be limited to, hosting account, email service, and Google address for setting up Google Analytics and Contact page CAPTCHA (to reduce spam).
  • If hosting company provides email addresses, those can be created for you.
  • Client to provide all images.
  • Client will be updated weekly and will be contacted if any extra information is needed at any step.


  • Website will be built with WordPress
  • The WP theme will be Divi (license provided by Andrea Cinnamond). The theme will be updated when updates are available.
  • Most paid Divi plugins (software that adds extra functionality) will be provided by Andrea Cinnamond per a ‘regular’ installation (exceptions will discussed)
  • CookieBot (GDPR) tool will be signed up for or purchased and configured before launch by the client.
  • Training and training videos will be provided for reference if needed.

Once the mockups have been signed off on, the website build will begin.


  • Free website offer for email list building will be connected up with your chosen email service along with up to 10 follow-up messages.
  • Site will be mobile-responsive.
  • The Blog will be set up with categories, tags and up to 10 blog posts can be added.
  • An SEO plugin will be used so that the page title and SEO description are updated on each page and that the correct image is pulled in when shared on social media
  • Images (supplied by the client) will be optimized for quality AND loading speed.
  • Site will be regularly backed-up automatically and resulting backups will be also stored off-site
  • Site will be GDPR-compliant and Privacy Policy will be installed
  • Google Analytics and Jetpack will be installed to track visitors and activities
  • WooCommerce is a free plugin tool we can use to sell products and services (WooCommerce is a free plugin but other functionality may need to be purchased. This can be discussed as soon as the option for products arises)


A paid on-going website maintenance program and/or blog upkeep program can be setup after the launch. This will be a monthly recurring charge, cost to be determined as to the ongoing support needed.

If more than 1 free offer is needed, this may fall outside the scope of this project and may be added in at an additional charge.

There are various services for future needs for Affiliate Management. It may be that you use a software tool like Infusionsoft that has a robust affiliate tracking system. There are WordPress plugins that will also do affiliate tracking that typically cost less than $150/year.