A few of the books (print & flowable ePub) we have created for our clients

HOPE AND COURAGE: Six Life Lessons from the Parents of a Child with Congential Heart Disease

HEART OF NEW YORK: Stories of Loss, Redemption & Family

Birth, Death and Moments Between: A collection of short stories about women

SMART CONFLICT—Turning Disputes into Growth Opportunities


To our amazingly skilled book specialists Lorie Miller Hansen and Andrea Cinnamond, thank you for your patience and advice. You took our book to a professional level we could have never achieved on our own, and worked so hard to turn it into something beautiful. Not only are you wonderful at what you do, you are also wonderful people.
~Tom and Kat Hansen,
Hope and Courage: Six Life Lessons from the Parents of a Child with Congenital Heart Disease


We use Indesign for the layout of reflowable ePubs and print books.

We create covers and the interior graphics.

We work from a fully edited Word document into Indesign.

At completion, you will receive all graphic and Indesign files.

Our turnaround is typically 6 weeks once we have received all the copy and images. 

We can help set up your Amazon KDP account and assist you (over Zoom) to upload the files if necessary. We are also familiar with IngramSpark.

The book world is full of surprises and we can help you avoid many of them from the start.

Email us at andrea@andreacinnamond.com to set up a time for a conversation with myself and Lorie. We typically meet using Zoom.